What is a PiggyBack Cover?

PiggyBack Covers are simple, easy to use tonneau covers designed for use with all brands of Cobra replicas.  These covers go on in seconds and will protect your cars cockpit from the unexpected rain shower, a brutal sun and even deters people from groping around inside if you are not close by.

Made from premium marine-grade vinyl that have soft backings these will not scratch your paint.  The internal ribbing is sewn into the cover to provide support and all hardware is backed so that nothing harmful can contact your cars finish.  They are very simply held down by attaching the bungee hooks to your side pipes.  No hardware is required…no snaps or lift-the-dot’s to mess with !

Covers are easily rolled (like a newspaper) and will fit in most all trunks.  A matching storage bag/boot is included to keep the cover more neatly stowed.

The pricing can vary depending on the seats, color choices, etc.  but are reasonably affordable and very convenient to have for your car.  Custom requirements may be able to be accommodated such as 289 FIA style forward bar, custom embroidery, logo’s and anything else you can think of we can discuss.

Thank you for your interest in PiggyBack Covers,

Pig & Jen